Legend's Edge, Verona

Legend's Edge includes state-of-the-art residential and hotel accommodations with full-service retail amenities, organized within natural and landscaped park areas, trees and water features. The proposed density of housing within the 65 acre site intends to support and catalyze a dynamic retail environment for all of Verona.  The overall design embraces an 'urban contemporary' aesthetic of scaled residences composed of glass, metal, stone and wood.  Legend's Edge utilizes high quality, durable materials that aim to span multiple generations of use and ensure a 100 year life-span.   Todd Halamka + Partners  scope of work includes Master Plan design services and Building design services for the project.  

Images by Todd Halamka + Partners.

Design Team
Todd Halamka
Patrick Carata
Olia Miho
Susan Morrow
Giovanni Morabito